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Although some regions created local PBA which is similar to a precinct club and serves a purpose in that area, belonging to just one group is not enough. The NY State Park Police Benevolent Association offers more than just cards and decals as some may think. Our organization was established in 1989 as a watchdog organization, and to offer additional benefits to our members.

Your PBA maintains close ties with a network of attorneys throughout New York State. We provide expert legal consultation regarding injury, disability, retirement claims and Workers Compensation.

  • $26,500.00 Accidental Death Benefit, payable whether the incident occurs on or off duty.
  • Aggressive lobbying efforts towards legislation that will benefit our members and their families.
  • We work with other unions and belong to various Police Conferences and Associations which gives us strength in numbers, and contacts in every corner of the state.

For an annual dues payment of only $75.00, you are getting a lot for your money. The Accidental Death Benefit alone should be reason enough to join, especially if you have a family who counts on your income, but having another place to turn in a crisis never hurts.

The Executive Board is available at 718-846-1469, 24 hours a day for an emergency. If you have a question, need a membership application, would like to find out who your Regional Delegate is, or for more information on how to become the Delegate in your region and what the privileges and responsibilities of that position are, reach out to us using the e-mail links provided in the Contact US page of this web site.

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