PBA Organization Changes
Great changes have been made, and continue to be made in the organization and direction of your New York State Park Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA).

To: All Members and Prospective Members

Great changes have been made, and continue to be made in the organization and direction of your New York State Park Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA).

Why join the PBA, you might ask? My answer to you is, join the PBA and be a part of the only organization that represents all members of the New York State Park Police regardless of rank or status;

  • The organization that has fought diligently for your rights as police officers.

  • That has fought the battle to make Council 82 responsive to the needs of law enforcement.

  • That fought for your right to binding arbitration.

  • That fought for your inclusion the HART bill protection as police officers.

  • That has lead the fight for 20 year retirement legislation for our members, having twice brought that legislation to the Governor’s office were it was twice vetoed, yet we continue the fight.

  • That leads the fight for inclusion in 207-C injury protection for our members.

What has the PBA done for you? All of this and more. The PBA, your PBA, has worked in conjunction with management to better the lot of the State Park Police through support of the New York State Park Police Academy.

  • We have contributed to the comfort and convenience of our members through the purchase of recreational equipment, BBQ Grills and utensils, balls and sports equipment and more. We have for the past three years sponsored two of the four awards given during graduation, $200.00 US Savings bonds each to those Recruits earning the Leadership and Physical Training Awards.

  • We have joined, in partnership with CopShop.Com, to create a New York State Park Police Company Store on the CopShop.Com website, open to anyone wishing to purchase State Park Police and PBA items and proudly display your affiliation.

  • We have joined with Next Generation Food Services to provide vending services at the new State Park Police Academy for Recruits and Members.

  • We have sponsored regional membership gathering to promote fellowship among our members.

Your PBA has set up a Good and Welfare Committee to address the needs of our members in times of crisis;

  • Your PBA has instituted a new scholarship program to be awarded for the first time at the end of the falls semester to assist those members facing the expense of higher education for their children.

  • Your PBA maintains close ties with a network of attorneys throughout New York State who can provide expert legal consultation regarding injury, disability, retirement claims and Workers Compensation to its members.

  • Your PBA offers you a $10,000.00 Accidental Death Benefit, payable whether the incident occurs on or off duty for the peace of mind of your loved ones.

  • Your PBA is affiliated with various Police Conferences and Associations which gives us strength in numbers, and contacts in every corner of the state.

All this for an annual dues payment of only $50.00, less than $1.00 a week. The Accidental Death Benefit alone should be reason enough to join if you have not already done so, especially if you have a family who counts on your income, having another place to turn in a crisis never hurts.

Members of the Executive Board are available at 718-846-1469, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any emergency.

Together we can accomplish great things and achieve results we can all be proud of.


Walter M. Schedel, President
New York
State Park Police PBA

For the first time, this year we are offering an incentive for you to join the PBA or renew your current membership before the current due date of December 1st. All members who renew or join before December 1st will receive an embroidered New York State Park Police Baseball Cap as our thanks for your support.

With the cost of postage ever increasing, please help us maintain our mailing list so that we can stay in touch and provide you with valuable information and benefits. If you have moved and this letter was forwarded to you, please make sure we have you r current address on file by noting the changes on your membership card.


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